I am so excited and proud of myself and never thought I would do 100 of anything, let alone a fitness class! When I first started taking Pure Barre classes I was determined to find a “Pure Barre Results” blog post somewhere on the internet that would give me a definite “if I work this hard, my body can look like this.” And I seriously couldn’t ever find what I was looking for!

All the blogs I found were like “sure PB changed my body, but let me tell you how it changed my soul.” Which is great and all but I wasn’t looking to change my life. I just honestly wanted a perkier but and a flatter stomach. And I definitely got those things from Pure Barre, but it did kind of change my life too.

I don’t want to bore you with the details or anything, but PB showed me I was strong and that it was beautiful. It showed me that I could wake up at 4:45am and I could love it! It gave me a safe space to be myself and better myself. And it allowed me to meet some bad ass women.

While my body changes feel huge and exciting, the changes outside of my physical appearance almost feel better???? Which is annoying because I finally understand why all those blogs talked about was how PB changed their lives. But we should still talk about those body changes, because if you are on the fence about trying PB, go ahead and just do it. Because the changes I have seen in my body are awesome.

So right off the bat I am significantly more flexible. I also am a lot stronger and can hold a plank longer and do more pushups in a row!

To give you some numbers, I have lost 2ish inches off my waist and have noticed my thighs shrinking and gaining muscle definition. I’ve lost about 10lbs which isn’t a lot but still feels great! I am legitimately in the best shape I’ve ever been in and feel like I am really starting to love my body and all the hard work I see in it!

I have some pictures to share my progress too!

Also, I am wearing underwear in these pictures but I didn’t really want to have my undergarments on here for the world to see.

Now I’m officially starting on my next goal! 250 classes here I come!

Always Classy & Confused,


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