I hit my 30 class mark for Pure Barre (I am at 38 now) and I am immensely proud of myself. I literally have never ever stuck with any kind of fitness plan and PB has totally changed all of that. A couple months ago, if you had asked me about working out, I would tell you that I worked out maybe twice a week… and even that was a little bit of a stretch. Now, with PB, I find myself being jazzed for a 5:30 am workout and I really feel off when I miss a day! While I don’t have measurements to share with you, I can tell you that I’ve noticed a ton of awesome PB induced changes.



I am far more flexible now than I was a couple months ago when I started taking PB classes. I am proud to report that I am almost able to do the splits. I think another 15 classes will get me the rest of the way there.


+Arm Definition

I have an athletic build but I am in no way physically athletic or strong. After 30 PB classes though, I am actually starting to see some muscle definition in my arms. Or maybe there is just a little less flab, either way I am really loving it.


+Arm Strength

I’ll be totally honest with you, I am not a super strong person. I have never in my life been able to do a pull-up, but because of PB…. I am happy to say I finally can. Like I am actually getting stronger from these classes and nothing feels better than that.


+A Routine

I get up almost every morning at 4:45 am for the 5:30 am PB class and my body has adjusted really well to having a set morning routine. I have found that if I don’t follow my routine and miss class or go to a later class, I am groggier throughout the day and have way less energy and focus.


+Another Family

I missed close to two weeks of class due to travel and sickness and as soon as I walked back in from my hiatus, the teacher greeted me warmly and said they had been missing me in class. Nothing feels better than being known somewhere and feeling like people genuinely care about your presence. All of the instructors know me by name at this point and I am starting to find a few familiar faces in the classes as well.


+Stronger Abs

I don’t have a 6-pack or anything but I have noticed that my abs haven’t “broken” during class anymore. I feel myself being able to go longer and go lower into bends because I now have the core strength for my body to do so.


+A Perkier Butt

My butt has totally raised up a little and I am obsessed.


While I have lost 6lbs from my PB journey thus far, I am finding myself to be less and less concerned with the number on the scale. I think the physical changes and somewhat emotional changes my body is going through speak far louder than any number could. When I started these classes, I couldn’t wait to see my numbers change. I wanted to see my weight drop and my measurements drop and while those changes still do excite me, I think I am almost more excited to actually feel the changes within my body. My entire outlook on working out and the way my body looks and feels has completely changed.  Pure Barre has become one of my favorite things and I can’t wait till I hit 50 classes, then 75, and even 100!

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Always Classy & Confused,



  1. Carla March 11, 2018 at 2:38 pm

    Love this so
    Much !! I love that you have found PB and all the benefits physically and socially that exercise gives you !!

    1. Maggie March 11, 2018 at 11:41 pm

      Yes! I never thought I would enjoy working out!! Haha

  2. Sam March 29, 2018 at 2:36 pm

    I love this! I’m super proud of you and excited for the results you’re going to continue to see. Also, I want to come to a class with you at some point.

    1. Maggie March 29, 2018 at 2:39 pm

      Thank you! Im excited too! And yes please come!! It’s the best. I want to come to one of your Crossfit classes…maybe I need a road trip soon?


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