Pure Barre just dropped their newest class, Pure Reform and you already know I had to try it out. Pure Reform is kind of like resistance band training on steroids.

It burned. Oh good God did it burn…

I have never really hated the “tubes” we use during traditional Pure Barre class and the resistance they add to the workout, but I deeply hated the DOUBLE SET of resistance bands during Pure Reform. They add 10-15lbs of resistance to your workout (yay).

Also, did I mention their are sliders? Because there are sliders too. And they also make your body burn with the fire of 1,000 suns all doing an extremely hard workout at the same time. The sliders go under your feet during certain moves and force you to use your sheer body strength to move your leg back into your body.

And it burns.

But oh, it burns so good.

When the class first got started I had the initial “what have I gotten myself into?!” thought that I had during my first Pure Barre and Pure Empower class. But after the warm-up was over I realized I was all about it. I burned, but I burned in the best way possible. I felt strong and powerful and like I could do anything.

Maybe it helps that I have taken over 100 Pure Barre classes now, or maybe this is just really the Pure Reform high for everyone, but I LOVED it. The class zoomed by and I was legit shocked when it was over. It seemed like we had only been working out for 20 minutes (the class is the typical 50 min length).

The next morning I was sore, but not in a way that I couldn’t handle. And I was like so proud of my soreness so I didn’t even care one bit!

I would say that Pure Reform is a good mix between Pure Barre and Pure Empower. Pure Barre is a great intro to Barre, Pure Empower will kick your butt, and Pure Reform will leave you somewhere in the middle. If you are on the fence, I would highly suggest you try the class out. As the PB Zona Rosa studio owner often says on her IG, you never regret a workout!!

Always Classy & Confused,


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