If you follow me on social media (you should, I’m so fun!) you probably already know that I just got back from an amazing cruise to the Bahamas. You probably also know that my boyfriend of three years, Charlie proposed to me on the cruise! While I definitely want to constantly talk about getting engaged and starting to plan a wedding, I wanted to first take some time and tell y’all about my cruise!

This was my first cruise and I’ll be honest, I was a little bit nervous for it. I thought about seasickness, pirates, the titanic, and the possibility that all the food would be terrible for weeks before we left. I really had no idea what to expect when we got there and was so thankful that we were traveling with one of my best friends and her boyfriend.

Naturally, I packed all Lilly Pulitzer dresses and Jack Roger sandals because what else would I wear to a tropical vacation?! We packed up the car and drove 16ish hours (without stopping) to get to Jacksonville where we would board the cruise ship. We were sailing on the Carnival Elation and I was shook when I saw how massive the boat was. Like it is GINORMOUS.

Once we were on the boat the fun really started! We had bought drink packages (I highly recommend doing this) so all of our boozy drinks were FREE. Which means I had a Bahama Mama with every meal, breakfast included! All of the food is free as well and everything is all you can eat. There are plenty of awesome buffets on board, but there was also a burger joint and a taco bar if you ever were tired of the more traditional buffet food.

Our room had a view of the ocean, which was amazing. Other than that, it was really cramped and it was hard to make space for our bags. When we go next time, I think it would be smart to hang up all your clothing and then push your big suitcases under the bed. All four of us stayed in the same room so we had a TON of luggage cluttering our floor. We spent very little time in our rooms though, so the small space didn’t really put a damper on our vacation.

The ship itself had tons of fun things to do all day while you sailed to your destination. There was a small arcade, a casino (we won $25, but then lost it all), a coffee shop, a comedy club, a karaoke and piano bar, and nightly shows. The boat also had a pool, hot tubs, and a small water park! Seriously, there was no way you could ever be bored on this boat.

Our first port destination was Half Moon Cay which I believe is owned by the Carnival Cruise line. We spent our entire time at the island just walking along the beach and drinking frozen drinks. We did get pretty sunburned, but the day was still awesome.

Our second destination was Nassau, which we arrived at early in the morning. We stayed completely in the touristy areas so I can’t really speak to the local culture or what Nassau looks like outside of its tourist traps. We shopped for a few hours and grabbed a beer before heading back onto the boat for lunch.

Every evening we went to a more formal dinner and met some awesome new friends that were also from Kansas City! At dinner, you were able to order anything and everything you wanted off the menu and every single thing I tried was absolutely delicious. Our waiters were so amazing too! Everyone we came in contact with on the cruise was so kind and helpful and they made the trip 100% better with their awesome service!

All in all, I loved the cruise (even though I was kind of seasick) and definitely plan to cruise again soon. It was a stress free vacation with unlimited food and booze and you just can’t beat that!

Shop some of my favorite cruise items below! I highly recommend the Jack Rogers jelly sandals! I wore mine to the beach and by the pool. They are super comfy, cute, and waterproof.

Have you ever cruised? I would love to hear what you thought of your trip!
Always Classy & Confused,


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