(The cover picture is a post class pic. As you can see, it was rough.)

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, a few months ago I was NOT a fitness person. I hated working out and avoided it at all costs. Then, I found Pure Barre and it became my gateway drug to the fitness world! Now, I actually enjoy working out and love to participate in and try out tons of new fitness classes! Recently, I just tried my first Crossfit class and I wanted to tell you all about it!

My boyfriend’s sister, Sam is a crossfit coach and so I knew a teeny bit about it before going it. I also obsessively googled it for a few hours and tried to learn absolutely everything I could before I would actually step into the gym. I made plans to go to a 6:15 evening class and emailed with the gym owner a little bit before the day of the class.

When I first arrived, the most noticeable thing was how not-fancy this gym was. It was just a box with concrete walls and no fancy workout machines. There were weights, a squat rack, some jungle-gym looking things, rowing machines, and boxes that I presume you jump on (can’t be sure about that though.) At first I was kind of intimidated by how basic everything was but once the class actually started, it felt really nice that all the equipment was simple and there weren’t any crazy weight machines I had to figure out how to use.

I met basically everyone who would be in the class with me and was amazed at how nice they all were! We had partners for our first rowing exercise and I was worried the girl I was partnered with would be annoyed at how slow I was since I had never rowed before. But she was so nice and showed me how to row using the machine and even cheered me on! The rest of the class went just like that too. We all worked out together and everyone high-fived and fist bumped and cheered when you did something really well. Since I have started taking group fitness classes I have noticed that there are different levels of interaction for each type of class.

Working out alone in a gym is like the least level of interaction because you really don’t have to talk to a single person.

Soulful spin classes are the next level because it is dark so you really don’t see any of your neighbors or ever talk to anyone, but there is an instructor telling you what to do and motivating you to be your best.

Boxing classes are a level up from spin because you can see everyone around you, but no one besides the instructor really pays any attention to you. The instructor helps you and makes sure you are hitting the bag correctly. Yoga is probably also on this level because the instructor guides you but you don’t really care about anyone else during the class.

Pure Barre is up from boxing and yoga. During Pure Barre you can see everyone else in the class and the instructor makes a point to correct your form and say your name throughout class. During class you might smile at or get a smile from someone across the room whose thighs are dying just as intensely as your own.

Crossfit is like the highest level of interaction because everyone is constantly cheering you on or high-fiving you and you watch everyone.

So, back to the crossfit review.

It was hard, like definitely hard, but it was all manageable. Everything is modifiable and I never felt pressured to try and do something that I couldn’t do. The entire workout lasted an hour and I had plenty of time for a break between exercises. 

All in all, I enjoyed it and plan to start the gym’s “flight school” that teaches you about crossfit and gets you ready to really start taking classes.

Have you ever tried a crossfit class? Or some other fitness class that you really fell in love with? If so, let me know in the comments! I would love some recommendations on what to try next!

Always Classy & Confused,


**Quick update, last night I had my second class! It was significantly harder than the first but so many people had remembered my name from the first time I came and cheered me on the whole way!

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