I mentioned in this post that I am wanting to start highlighting some of my favorite Kansas City places. I have a few great friends up here that love to explore this awesome city with me (shout out to Maddie for always being down for whatever) and I have seriously fallen even more in love with KC. When I was a little girl, Kansas City was the first big city skyline I can remember seeing. And I remember sitting in the back seat of my parent’s car and thinking, I am going to live here someday.

Now that I do, I am trying to take full advantage of it by checking out as many places as possible. One of my newest finds is Do Good Co.


Do Good Co. is a store in Kansas City that sells curated used clothing, bedding, décor, and accessories and gives all the profit to charity. And they have like AMAZING stuff. The first time I was in I was astounded by the amount of J.Crew, Madewell, and Anthropologie items that were on the racks. And it wasn’t old or worn or gross like you might just assume a resale donation shop would be. It was brand new clothing, name brand clothing, at used prices…That went to charity.

I just cannot think of a more wonderful thing. Not only can you feel good about the quality of items you are getting for the price, but you can feel good knowing that your money is going right back into your community.

The whole store is set up beautifully and the clothing is displayed perfectly. Similar colors and styles and kept together and shoes and accessories are scattered throughout. They have a gorgeous bed and adorable couches and the whole place just feels like a super cool home.

Their mission statement is, “Do Good Co. is committed to supporting our non-profit community. A revolving collective located in the 39th Street District in Kansas City, MO, we offer a curated selection of home furnishings, apparel and accessories, as well as community workshops, events and volunteer opportunities. We believe in connection. By providing many ways to give back, we are proud to support KidsTLC and KC Pet Project’s missions.”

After finding this place, I plan to always shop there first when I am looking for a new piece for my apartment or my closet. How can you ever do any better than shopping in support of kids and pets??? You seriously can’t.


If you are in the KC area, please go check this awesome store out. And if you aren’t local to KC, check them out online at www.dogoodkc.org 

(You can and totally should follow them on instagram too.)

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