I would say I travel quite a bit. Maybe not as much as other people do, but I have definitely racked up some frequent flier miles. With all of my traveling, I’ve accumulated a list of absolute must-haves for every trip I take. I am not the best at adapting to situations (you should see some of the texts my mom gets when I am in an uncomfortable travel situation) and so having the right stuff with me when traveling definitely helps me combat that.

Here are my top travel necessities: 

 + Mini Humidifier

I am not a fan of dry air and maybe I’m just a big baby, but I actually get sick whenever the air is too dry. Having a mini portable humidifier is my life-saver! I can make sure that whenever I am sleeping in my hotel that the air isn’t too dry and my sinuses won’t end up all out of whack. I also can use it at my desk at work, during a nice at home yoga sesh, or when I’m sleeping. 
+Water Bottle

Buying water in airports is actually really expensive and such a waste of $5! You can’t take a full bottle of water through airport security (unless everyone else knows something I don’t) so I just take an empty water bottle through security and fill it up with water on the other side. Most airports have water bottle filling stations as well.

+A Jacket

Even if I am going somewhere crazy warm, I always pack a jacket or sweatshirt of some type. Planes can be pretty cold and it is nice to have another layer to throw on… Or to lay over my legs… Or to use as a pillow… Or as a seat cushion. Patagonia clearly has my heart! I have found the brand to wash really well and still look great as it starts to wear.

+Eye mask

When I first started traveling, I was a little bit too embarrassed to sleep on the plane. Now that I am traveling alone so much, I really couldn’t care less. I will sleep anywhere I can. Seriously. One thing I always pack on any trip I take is my eye mask. While I don’t always bust it out on the plane, it is an awesome item to have on-hand in my hotel room in case the window lets in too much light and I find myself lying awake. While you can definitely grab any type of eye mask, I have found through some nice trial and error that a silk eye mask doesn’t mess up your eye makeup like other fabrics do. 

+Longchamp Bag

I have loved this bag for a very long time, but it has become the best travel bag! It folds down flat so that I can pack it away in any bag if I decide I don’t need it. It also is the perfect size carry on purse. It can fit my laptop, a book, chargers, and all my little essentials.

+Charging Pack

I love to have one of these in my bag whenever I travel just in case my phone battery gets a little bit low. I just always have to make sure I remember to charge it up before I leave!

+Hand Lotion

Airplane air is dry and it makes your skin dry. Also, I obsessively sanitize my hands when I am in airports so having a mini lotion helps immensely. Even better, it gives off a little bit of fragrance so you don’t have to suffer on a smelly plane, but also won’t be bothering everyone around you with your scent!

And there you have it! Do you have any essential travel items?

Always Classy & Confused,


  1. Sophie February 27, 2018 at 2:44 am

    Patagonia makes the best pullovers that can be easily worn on the plane. I need to start bringing lotion as my hands get so dry after being in the air for awhile.


    1. Maggie February 27, 2018 at 12:52 pm

      Yes I LOVE patagonia! And I have a Capri Blue lotion that is so small and smells soooo good! Also, I love your blog!!!


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