That Time My Leggings Were See-Through

I have a completely see-through pair of Lululemon leggings and I am NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.

A year-ish ago, I completely launched myself at the Lululemon bandwagon. I got a hold of a pair of leggings that fit me perfectly and were super cute and didn’t ever collect a single pair of lint and I was hooked like a gullible little guppy. I started exclusively buying Lululemon workout clothing and even though it was rarely worn during a workout, I felt like I was on top of my fitness fashion game. Little did I know, the fact that my leggings had never seen real gym time would later become a BIG problem. Huge.

Enter, Pure Barre. You know, that magical class that I am obsessed with and rave about every single chance I get… that class where your legs go up and down and you bend and stretch on the floor. Yeah, so basically I wore my favorite Lululemon leggings to Pure Barre whenever I got the chance. Literally, whenever they were clean they were on my body! And then a horrific realization smacked full force into me. As I was bent over at the waist, doing God knows what exercise, I just so happened to look into the mirror. I was naturally looking at myself with my head between my thighs, bent over into a Pure Barre pretzel and what to my wondering eyes appear but THE COLOR OF MY UNDERWEAR. And then to my horror as I deepened my bend THE PATTERN OF MY UNDERWEAR APPEARED AS WELL.

My leggings were see-through. Totally mother cluckin’ bare bummed see-through.

I was staring at my butt. Like staring through my $98 top of the line yoga pants all the way to my butt. And let me tell you the only thing worse than finding out your pants are see-through. The answer would be finding out your pants are see-through at the beginning of a fitness class. OR maybe it is even worse that this wasn’t the first time I had worn them to class. So like one bazillion percent all these women have seen my south pole before. That’s all. I have nothing else to say. I’m not even gonna correctly end this blog post with my usual sign off because just forget it. Forget it alllllllllll.

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