Finally, we are in February. The January that felt like it would never ever end has, in fact ended and we can all move on with our lives. February is a very special month because it’s the shortest month, it usually holds Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras, it’s my birthday month, and it’s the month when all our new year resolutions die.

January is the month of change and you feel (myself included) like you can be anything. You can do anything with the year ahead of you. You can change your life! And then actual life starts to slowly kick in and get in the way of our sweeping health or financial resolutions and they slowly start to dissolve. By the time February finally rolls around, we are tired and just ready to fall back into our old habits. This February though, I think it needs to be different.

For me, my new year’s resolution was to love more and I let that roll into loving my body more. Unintentionally, loving my body more has become a stress of calorie and macro counting, working out twice a day, and hating myself anytime I screw up. WHICH IS SO FAR FROM SELF LOVE IT’S CRAZY.

My entire resolution has completely derailed and now the “self love” that I am practicing is really just making me hate myself. I definitely need to recalculate and get myself back on track and I am using February to do that.

When making resolutions to do better or be better, it is so easy to mess up and never look back. Personally, I am so bad about thinking that I am already too far off to get back on or that I’ve already messed up all the progress I have made so why would I want to start all over again. I forget to be gentle with myself or just how short an amount of time January really is. Sure, it felt like the longest month ever, but it really was only a month. You can make a lot of changes in a month, but a month doesn’t necessarily make those changes into a habit or a whole new lifestyle.

I am challenging myself to use February to really reflect on how far I have come in my resolutions and how far I still want to go. Instead of using this as the perfect month to give up, I want to use it as the perfect month to get back on track. I challenge you to do the same.

Invest in a journal and use every new day, week, or month as a time to reflect on your goals and realign yourself with them. Be intentional with your goals and how you will actually reach them. Don’t give up on the progress you have made and definitely don’t give up on the change that you want to see. Keep trucking towards it and I’m saying this more for myself than anyone else… Please remember to be gentle with yourself. You are doing the best you can.

Here are some fun journals I found!!

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