So, after trying Pure Barre for the first time, I decided to challenge myself to attend 10 classes before I discussed it on my blog again. I finally have hit my 10 class mark! While it hasn’t been easy by any stretch of the imagination, I am so proud of myself for sticking to an actual fitness commitment for basically the first time in my life… lol.

+Pure Barre Class 2

I got up this morning at 5:30 am (20 minutes before my alarm) and started getting ready for my second ever Pure Barre class. For some reason, I was so excited about the class that I woke up a few times earlier in the morning fearing I had slept through it and was relieved to find that it was only 4am. I don’t know why I was so excited for this second hour with the barre, but I was wide awake and ready to go as I was pulling on my leggings and throwing up my hair in pre-class preparation. It was -1 degrees outside, but I was wide awake before the cold air even touched me on my way to my car. I was very ready for this class.

There were only 2 other women in my class this morning and one of them just so happened to be wearing the coveted “100 Class” socks. I had never seen them in person before and decided right then that I needed to get a pair. Seeing that she was a seasoned pro, I asked her about her first class and if she basically died during it. She said that she still basically dies during class but it definitely has gotten a little bit easier. Truly, nothing made me feel better than this 100 class deep woman telling me that it will get easier. The next 50 minutes of class passed in a blur of pulsing and up-an-inch-down-an-inch movements. I noticed that my abs didn’t feel broken half way through class like they did the first time around and I was starting to understand a little bit of the lingo.

+Pure Barre Class 3

This was my first weekend class and it was early on a Saturday morning. It also happened to be the fullest class I have taken so far. It was almost hard to find a spot at the bar!! I also was able to see a full display of the type of women who do Pure Barre at my studio. There were tons of moms, a few older women, a few younger women, and a few women decked out in a full face of makeup with a perfect blowout to match.

At first, the full class was VERY intimidating because I was so worried of what everyone would think of me (I still haven’t used weights during the weight section because my arms are a lil bit too weak still). After a few minutes, I realized that not one single woman in that class cared about me. For those 55 minutes all they had time to think about was their own bodies, which was all I had time to think about too. And let me clarify what I mean by “think about my body.” I don’t want anyone to think that I think negatively of my body during Pure Barre. Sure, my stomach rolls up weird when we do some of the ab stuff, but I don’t have a single second to worry about that. I can only worry about the burn of the workout and whether or not I’m doing it right. The only time my mind stops to think of the bigger picture of my body, I just think about how effing strong and amazing I am for making it through this class!

While I am only 3 classes in, I have noticed a tiny change in my body. My abs feel a lot stronger than when I first started and I love it and can’t WAIT to see what my body can do in the next 7 classes!

+Pure Barre Class 4

This was another early morning class and I can definitely say I really enjoy taking morning classes. I feel like I am ready for my day once I walk out of the studio. Today was the first time I used the weights during the arm exercises (I used the 2lb) and I am so proud of myself!

A day after this class I noticed that my butt looks a little bit higher up. Like it is just a smidge perkier. Which isn’t some crazy level of results, but it felt really really good to see some progress, even if it is very tiny.

+Pure Barre Class 5

I have finally hit my halfway point in my mini 10 class challenge and I already know I won’t be stopping at 10 classes. My boyfriend decided to join me for my fifth class and it was amazing how hard the class was for him at times. Seeing someone on their first class and remembering that I started just like him and now I can totally handle the moves made me feel awesome.

+Pure Barre Class 6

My friend, Toni joined me in this class and I am so happy to say I made it over the hump! I have no intention of stopping after I hit 10 classes, but it feels good to be so close to my first little Pure Barre goal. I am starting to notice that maybe my stomach and legs look a little bit slimmer. I can’t completely tell for sure though. So, we will see what 4 more classes does for me.

+Pure Barre Class 7

The night before this class I tried out Pure Empower for the first time… So this 7th class was one of the hardest yet. My body was already sore from PE and I found myself seriously struggling to hold any of the PB moves for more than a couple seconds. My whole body was shaking throughout the whole class. I know that I’ve been getting a little bit stronger from these classes, but this morning I didn’t feel stronger at all.

+Pure Barre Class 8

I have been traveling the past weekend and so I haven’t been to PB in a week. That week-long lapse made this morning’s class a little bit more difficult. Also, it was really hard to get myself motivated to go to this class. I went at 5:30 am and everything about that seemed horrible. It definitely wasn’t my easiest class, but I fell a little bit more in love with PB and realized that I genuinely had missed doing it for that whole week. I did kinda eat like crap all weekend though and I feel like any change I was starting to see in my body has been wiped away by booze and fried foods.

+Pure Barre Class 9

After this class, I thought I ripped my abdominal muscles. My wonderful boyfriend informed me though that I 10000% didn’t and I am just super sore after taking time off from working out.

+Pure Barre Class 10

It took me much longer than I thought it would to hit my 10th class, but I am so proud of myself. As I’ve said before, I don’t normally stick to workout routines, but I am in love with Pure Barre. It makes me feel strong and happy and like I am doing something special just for myself. I really really hope that everyone who reads this tries a class and falls in love with it like I have!

Results wise, I wasn’t super consistent with my class attendance and so I can’t really attest to any amazing results. I can say that my butt is a little bit fuller and perkier, I have started to notice a little less flab under my arms, and I found a whole new muscle??? in my thigh that definitely wasn’t there before!. I also am significantly closer to being able to do the splits which is so cool! My next PB goal is to hit 30 total classes before the end of February. So, I will check back in with hopefully some serious progress then!

Always Classy & Confused,


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