Ugh okay so last night I tried Pure Empower for the first time and it almost killed me. Like RIP to me, I am done for sure. I wanted to just lay down during that 45 minutes of pure hell and let the good Lord take me… Or the devil, because honestly, I didn’t care anymore. I’ve been doing Pure Barre pretty consistently for like a couple weeks now and so when I saw that they had created a new cardio based class, Pure Empower, I felt like I just had to try it out.

I can tell you now, I went into this class with a stupid sense of strength. I thought that because I could finally use the 2lb weights during the 6-minute arm portion of barre class, I could totally handle having 2lb weights strapped to my ankles and wrists during (I’m just gonna call it intense and if you don’t like it, tough) an intense cardio session.


The class started out like any other Pure Barre class, with a brisk warm up to get your body ready to move. By the end of the warmup, I still hadn’t really suspected my impending doom, but I found out about it soon enough. The platform was quickly introduced and after that basically all hell broke loose. I had a few glimmering moments throughout the class in which I wasn’t absolutely just experiencing a slow death, where I could look up into the mirror and see the flushed, sweat dripping face staring back at me and feel immensely proud of what I was doing.

Those moments were VERY fleeting though.

At any given point during the class I could look around me and find a woman lying on the carpet in sheer agony. And when I couldn’t find that woman, I realized that woman was me… And that I needed to get my Lululemon butt off the floor and keep going.

During Pure Barre, I am able to block out most of the outside world. I might have a few stray thoughts of “what do I want for dinner?” or “did I feed my cats this morning?” But Pure Empower left absolutely no time for this. I didn’t have the mental capacity to think past how to do a certain move and the horrible burn overtaking my body.

As soon as it was over though, I felt effing amazing. Like I was on top of the world. Maybe like I never wanted to do that ever again… but also like maybe I knew I probably would do it again. I’m very new to the whole workout class thing and even newer to the idea of actually doing cardio. If it is always like this though, I finally understand all the hype.

I would say Pure Empower is a little bit difficult for beginners, but it is pretty easily modifiable if you can’t do a specific move. And if you get a little bit too tired, just lay on the floor for a minute and take a breather. But if you can finish a Pure Empower class, then friggin’ kudos to you. I can’t say I am as obsessed with Pure Empower as I am Pure Barre, but I can almost definitely say I will do it again.

Always Classy & Confused,



  1. Sarah Wright January 11, 2018 at 6:59 am

    Have you heard of ClassPass? They have it in Kansas City – a fun way to try different workout classes including Barre. I really like the variety and it got me hooked on Barre too. Have you heard of Lagree? It’s really intense and I nearly died in my first 45 minute class I took tonight – felt like a sweaty shaky giraffe doing ballet! But similarly, felt great afterward and would go again!

    1. Maggie January 11, 2018 at 5:46 pm

      No, but I definitely need to look into that! Yes, that’s how Pure Barre is for me! So shaky..but so good!!


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