A few nights ago I tried my first Pure Barre class! And while I was basically dead for days after, I can whole heartedly say I loved it!!

I have been kinda working out off and on for a little bit now + I do a little bit of yoga every morning too. So, I thought that I could totally handle this class. How hard could ballet/Pilates reallyyy be????

Really frickin’ hard. That’s the answer.

At one point, my abs were just so done that I couldn’t even do a sit up. I just floundered on the carpet like a fat seal pup trying to sit up. It was not pretty. But after it was all over I felt good and strong and really accomplished. It was honestly all worth the pain. Here are some of the reasons I loved it.

• To start off, the instructor learned my name right off the bat (she knew all the other girls’ names too) and she complimented us ALL throughout the class (by name). It was like nothing I had experienced before. Also, it was a class of all women. Some were my age and some were moms so I never felt even a little bit out of place.

•You don’t have to wear shoes and the whole class is done on carpet. I don’t know why, but to me that feels so fun! You wear special sticky socks so your feet don’t slide, but other than that, nothing else is on your feet! Just your cute lil sticky socks!

•The music was bumpin’! Seriously, it was even Christmas music but I was rocking out like I was 2 drinks in at a fun new nightclub!

•I was able to totally zone out. The moves took all my concentration (who knew “pulsing” could be so demanding?!) and because of that I didn’t have any brain space left to think about my todo list! It was a total mind break and it was so nice to just zone out from daily life.

•You get to wear cute workout gear. This isn’t the kind of workout where flowy tops are going to get you caught in some weird weight lifting machine! You can dress like a ballerina and be totally good. Which is maybe one of my recently realized dreams! The only stipulation is that you have to wear leggings or some sort of long pants… But I love wearing leggings so I was totally cool with it.

•I’m so unbelievably sore and it feels so good. I’ve probably never been this sore in my abs and my arms but it is so awesome! I feel like I really accomplished something at Pure Barre. I never feel this amazing after lifting weights.

All in all, the class was amazing and I will definitely be back soon! I am challenging myself to complete 10 classes before I post about Pure Barre again! So, I’ll meet you at the barre in 10!

Always Classy & Confused,


Ps: have you ever tried pure barre? If so, how did you like it? Feel free to leave a comment!!

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