As I have been venturing through this journey to own a little bit less and to live a little bit more, I have stumbled across a few really awesome bloggers that are doing the same exact thing. Feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the mix of simplifying my life and still blogging and maintaining a social media presence, I turned to a blogger who seemed to have her mix down to a perfect science. I asked her what her secret was and she said she really loves blogging. That is her secret to finding the perfect mix, she just loves it. Another blogger said that she only blogs 3 times a week, while many bloggers write daily. Some bloggers that I follow go out and have weekly photoshoots and use those pictures for all their IG posts, others just live their lives and hope to snap an awesome picture in the moment.

Basically, there is no fool-proof or right way to be a blogger. When I started this blog my end goal was just to be a real blogger. As I have grown throughout these past 2ish years of blogging, I have realized that is just like the dumbest goal ever.

Of course, I am a real blogger. As soon as you start your own blog you become a blogger and there is no set definition of what that looks like. While yes, seeing other’s blogs can help you define what you do and do not like and how you want your content and aesthetic to be, there is no right way to do it. I’ve experimented with so many different things on Classy & Confused before I finally felt like I found what worked for me. I still don’t completely have a perfect balance between the amount of time I should be spending blogging and interacting on social media, but whatever. You’ve just got to do what feels right. There is no right or wrong answer for how you should create something that is all about you and your life.

So, do whatever you want however you want to do it and love every single second of it!

Always Classy & Confused,


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