Listen up, I am happy as all get out with my life and where I am at in the world. But even being stupid happy, I can’t shake this dumb little minimalism idea. I am a firm believer in the power of God to push you where you need to be. And for some reason, I keep thinking I need to be a minimalist. But, I can’t do it. I already know I can’t. I can’t sell all my stuff and live off of 2 pairs of pants and 3 tops or some utter BS like that. I am a preppy eclectic blogger for cake’s sake! I can’t give up clothes!?!?! What would I blog about?!?!?

Step away from that paragraph and entire idea for a moment and let me tell you another little idea that has been brewing in my mind ever since I read the whole J.Crew’s vision of preppy America is dead thing. I want to be a J.Crew style guide. I want to dress like them and live like they do in those pictures. I want to wear an outrageously fun outfit to a casual brunch with work friends. I want to live that colorful lifestyle. I am a twenty-something working in a creative professional job and I am obsessed with every aspect of that to the point that I literally want to just build my personal style around it.

Lately, I have delved deep into my closet in an effort to make my style, style guide worthy. And you wanna know what I found in my closet?? I found very few things I was actually in love with. I realized I have spent a considerable amount of my life just shopping to shop. I had a pretty serious online shopping addiction there for a while where I was literally just shopping to accumulate as much stuff as possible. Deep down, I am sure I was shopping to fulfill some need, which ironically enough, I think that need I was trying to fufill was the need to be fulfilled in general.

I have wanted to be a serious blogger for some time and nothing makes me feel better than when I create a really good post. A post where my outfit is fire and totally and originally me or my thoughts flow perfectly together and my writing makes me feel good. That’s when I feel deeply fulfilled. So, I can totally see how that feeling of fulfilment might lead me to buy clothes that I think might be cool for my blog and let me create that feeling again. The big issue is, you can’t just create that feeling, it kind of has to come naturally. I can’t just pop over to J.Crew’s website and checkout 15 minutes later with fulfilling clothing. No, that is far too simple. I have realized, through some serious soul searching, that fulfilling outfits come through undying adoration of a specific piece. And to create undying adoration for an article of clothing, it needs to be special to you. It needs to be a crazy leopard vest that you fell in instant love with but stalked until the price was right. Or it needs to be a vintage denim shirt that your mom gave you that is everything you never knew you needed.

Basically, it’s gotta be special and it needs to mean something to me. And you totally know what I am talking about! There has surely been a time in your life when you have seen something and you just fell in love with it. The purchase excited you because the item excited you. And you used it until it fell apart because you just adored it. It’s a very real feeling and like I said, clothing like that allows me to create blog posts that make me proud of my blog and of my unique personal style… Or at least the unique personal style I am actively creating for myself is what I need.

So, back to my closet.

There is a lot of gunk (not junk, just gunk) in that thing that I don’t love, but I am holding on to it just in case. Just in case of what? I don’t know. I have things I actively avoid wearing because I genuinely hate them or the way they make me look/feel, but yet, I am still keeping them just in case I need them. Which makes no sense whatsoever.

Enter, my limited knowledge of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” No one dare correct me on this if I am wrong, but my general understanding of the practice of minimalism that it preaches is if you don’t love something, if it brings you no joy, set it free. Or, sell it and get some money back! Also enter, practicality. You know what gives me no joy, but I still need, bras. So, clearly, I can’t just get rid of everything I don’t love. But that idea is still good and should definitely be remembered for later when I circle this bad boy back around to my original point, which is somehow marrying my shopping addiction, a teensy bit of minimalism, and the J.Crew style guides in order to reach a full time feeling of fulfillment.

I literally just took a second to pop my knuckles because this is about to get serious. I am seriously on to something right now.

Zoom all the way back out to the pesky little idea of minimalism that keeps creeping into my mind. I keep pushing it away and side-stepping it because it just isn’t going to work for me. Minimalists wear black/white/gray and are far cooler than I could ever hope to be. Those are the people that get up in the morning in their undecorated bedroom and pull out their one pair of jeans and only white shirt and head out the door. And that is fulfilling for them and that’s amazing. Like I said though, I am just not that girl. I need pretty and bright things to feel happy in my space. Probably, that is something I should work on overcoming and learn to be happy with just being alive, but I am nowhere near that perfect state of fulfillment nirvana so this is what I have to deal with for right now. Ya know, until I totally transcend it all and just become a happiness guru.

Alas, that is a discussion for another day!!

So, moral of the story, I can’t be a real minimalist… Or so I thought. Slowly, all the teeny wheels in my head started turning and churning out a new idea of what minimalism is or at least means to me. Everything came together and it all makes perfect sense now. Minimalism is a lifestyle choice, which can sometimes lead to a style choice, but ultimately, they don’t have to go together. You don’t have to dress like a conventional, Pinterest worthy minimalist to be a minimalist. And maybe minimalist is too strong of a word. Maybe, I should coin the term of joy-seeker or something cheesy like that to define the lifestyle I am about to lay out.

It all fits together because I am just going to do the whole “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” thing and get rid of any clothing that doesn’t make me happy. If I don’t love it, why keep it? And slowly, I will extend that idea to my whole apartment and possibly life in general, but for now, I am starting in my closet.

But how does that have anything to do with embodying a J.Crew style guide?? Welp, since my closet will diminish, I am going to have to get very creative with the way I mix and match my clothing, which ultimately will help me create my own style guide that is totally and originally me!

Oh, but what about the whole shopping too much thing?? Don’t worry, this helps with that too. If I am only keeping the things I am just obsessed with, I will only be buying things I am obsessed with from now on as well. No more of “it’s on sale so I should get it just in case!” Now, I am only buying the stuff I can’t get off my mind, the pieces I really deeply love. I am thinking that this will really remove the whole buyer’s remorse that I sometimes get after a shopping trip and will reignite my love of clothing.

One last little point from all the way in that first paragraph, I asked what would I blog about without tons of clothing. The answer is, more valuable things. Like way more valuable things. Sometimes, I get really caught up in the need to post a new blog every day and it means I sacrifice quality over quantity, which is a big no no for me in every aspect of my life. (And will be an even bigger no no the further I get into this de-cluttering of my life and style.) So, if I don’t have filler clothes that are there just to be there, just in case I need them, I have to rely on the good stuff to get me through. And that’s what I am going to have to do with my posts too. No more random post about an outfit that I felt was sub-par or a list of things you need to be preppy. It’s gotta get better. It needs substance and it needs to leave me fulfilled when I finally hit that post button.

And there you have it, it all comes together. It all has been building and growing to get to this point and I am excited to be at the beginning of this journey of joy-seeking minimalism. And even though this was the longest most twisting blog post ever, I am really glad that we made it to this point together. I hope that this post inspires you or gives you the spark you needed to pull your own grand idea together. And I deeply hope you will join me in a grand and long-time coming decluttering of all the things that don’t bring you joy. Life is very short and there is no time to be unhappy.

If you have literally any thoughts or feedback about this post, feel free to reach out. I would love to hear from you!

Always Classy & Confused,


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