I have been asked about this over and over again and I am finally getting around to actually writing about it. As a budding blogger, building a social media presence is a very important part of my blogs growth. And it takes a ton of time!! Even thought it is a time intensive process, it is relatively easy to do. I am only really focusing on Instagram and Facebook right now and this blog post is only going to focus on those two specific outlets as well. So, here you go!


Building a serious social media presence on little to no money can seem daunting, but I am here to tell you it is not impossible! When you can’t afford to pay for adds to drive traffic to your site and profiles, you have to improvise. And by improvise, I mean you have to double down on interaction.

The number one way I have grown my social media following and blog views is through interaction. To be big, you need to start small and stay humble. Which means, you need to respond to every single comment that is left on any one of your profiles and you need to respond to other’s posts as well. If it seems like a lot of work, that’s because it is. It is an absolute TON of work. I spend hours every day going through and providing meaningful feedback to other bloggers posts and they do the same for me.

Being active in the blogging community is the number one way to grow your blog following. The same goes for any niche you are trying to slide into. If you have a fitness account and want people who care about fitness to follow you and engage with your account, you need to show them some love. And by that, I don’t just mean comment “nice pic” on one of their posts. You have to seriously take the time to like their pictures and leave meaningful comments on their content. Trust me, it totally works. By doing this I have built up my following base by about 1,500 in the past few months and have quadrupled my daily readership.

Besides really interacting with other profiles on social media or other blogs, here are some other awesome free ways to build your social media/blog presence.



Gaining followers on IG is relatively easy through the use of hashtags. I think many people (myself included for a while) think hashtags are lame and make it seem like you are trying too hard. But if you aren’t using hashtags, no one can find you whatsoever. No one can simply stumble upon the gold that is your profile. I try to hashtag all of my pictures with relevant hashtags so someone looking for the things my account offers can easily find me. There are tons of generic hashtags, and while they have allowed me to get quick likes or generic followers, using specific hashtags has given me real and valuable followers. Some of my top hashtags are #preppyblogger and #kcblogger.

I have found that timing is extremely important when it comes to posting, especially on IG. I try to post most of my pictures around noon. It is when I get the most feedback on my posts. I am assuming this is because everyone is on their phones around lunchtime, but I can’t really prove that. I just know it works awesome for me!

Another thing that really helps my social media growth is sticking to my aesthetic. When I first started blogging I had no overall aesthetic and honestly it made my social media a cluster cluck of random pictures and colors and while it was a good snapshot of my life, it didn’t look super great. If you are blogging, you definitely don’t have to build an aesthetic, because sometimes it can feel un-genuine. But, if you are really trying to beef up your following, creating an aesthetic is a vital part of that. I decided that I would try to always have bright colors and use the same filter on every photo. And while it isn’t an obvious color palette type aesthetic, it makes it look a whole lot nicer! I would definitely say you should try to play around with different types of aesthetics before you decide how you want your IG to look!

I also try to utilize Instagram’s “story” feature as much as possible. This is an easy way to add a more personal feel to your social media. You can give your followers a glimpse into your day to day life without having to really worry about how it will look with your overall aesthetic. Just make sure your stories align with your personal brand. You don’t want to have a blog all about practicing sobriety and then have an IG story filled with alcohol. That is a dramatic example, but you get what I am saying.



One of the best things I have done for my blog was create a Facebook business page for it. This allows my friends to like my blog page and to receive updates on when new posts hit. This is a slightly less obtrusive way to “subscribe” to my blog than actually having every single post show up in someone’s inbox. To build up my page likes, I have simply asked my friends to like my blog. Like personally invited them to like it. And it has totally worked! It feels annoying at first, but I just think of it this way… I would do the same thing for them.

Aside from sharing all my posts on my blog’s Facebook page, I also choose to share some of the posts on my own personal account as well. I do this far more sparingly though as to not bombard my friends with everything related to my blog. Limiting what I share on my personal page has really helped me boost my blog engagement and ensures that what I am pushing out to my friends is the best of the best.

I also do my best to make sure I am creating good content. It is far easier to get followers to engage with your profile if your pictures are amazing and it is easy to drive traffic to your blog if your posts seem interesting. Honestly though, I have definitely had a few duds and while it sucks, I try to learn from it so I can continue figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t. Building your brand on social media takes some hard work and some trial and error, but I have seen it immensely pay off. Stay consistent in your posting and interact as much as possible with other accounts and you will see some amazing growth too. I am sure of it!!

Always Classy & Confused,



  1. Tricia December 4, 2017 at 12:27 am

    Great advice! I’ve also been building my social following on basically zero budget, so I really appreciate the tips. Facebook is the hardest for me, as it seems so challenging to get FB users to click through to blog content.

    I’m also from KC! Nice to see a local face in the blogging world 🙂


    1. Maggie December 4, 2017 at 12:29 am

      Yes I totally know! I always feel so weird posting about my blog on Facebook!! And yay for kc! I’ll definitely check your blog out!


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