There is something about fall that makes me feel preppier than ever. Maybe it’s the fact that I can finally bust out my L.L. Bean boots or maybe it’s the excitement I get when I think about J. Crew vests. Whatever the reason may be, fall is preppy for me. Which is weird, because I am a BIG Lilly Pulitzer lover and that is the least fall brand on the planet.

Now that I think about it though, I blame Sarah Vickers for my preppy fall love. That woman screams New England in the fall… And her instagram makes me want to cry in sheer adoration. But alas, we will have to save my love of Sarah for another day.

So, preppy fall. It’s a thing, just check Pinterest and you will be bombarded with the most “basic” outfits in any girl’s repertoire. Blanket scarves, the aforementioned J. Crew vest, and boots fill the “Dream Closet” boards of the preppy masses.

If you are anything like me, you want to buy all new clothes and make your life as fall as possible whenever the leaves start to change. To make this even easier for us all (let’s be honest, I’ve already bought everything on this list) I have composed a list of the top 15 things you need in your preppy fall wardrobe.

Your wallets have been warned.


The J. Crew Vest

Of course this beauty would have to come in at #1 on the list. The J. Crew vest (especially that herringbone) is the epitome of preppy fall fashion. There are tons of knock offs of this fall essential, but only one true J. Crew.

If it feels a little bit too far out of your budget, check out  J. Crew Factory! The vests aren’t exactly the same, the pockets are slightly different, but good God who cares what the pockets look like on a vest this cute!!

Disclaimer: Lilly Pulitzer has puffer vests too, in case you weren’t quite ready to let go of summer.


The L.L. Bean Boot


If you don’t have a pair of duck boots, how are you even handling the mud at pumpkin patches?? Seriously, this one time I was trying to be all cute in some fringe boots at a local pumpkin festival and I not only ruined my boots, but also slipped in some muck and almost ruined my whole outfit. Don’t risk it, just get some duck boots.

The rubber bottoms make them perfect for rain or mud, but they aren’t so tall and rainbootish that someone will make fun of you for wearing rain boots not in rain (I can’t promise that though).


Riding Boots

While we are on the subject of boots, we might as well discuss riding boots and how they are an absolute staple for your fall wardrobe. I saved up for a long time to afford a pair of Tory Burch riding boots and they were worth every single penny. The quality is beyond what I expected and they are super comfortable too!

If you want to stay on the cheaper side though, there are tons of other AH-mazing options that won’t break the bank!


Blanket Scarves

Blanket scarves are perfect for chilly fall days when you didn’t really want to get out of bed, but had to anyway. They make you feel like you are cuddled up in your favorite blanket all day long.

With a scarf this big, it makes sense that you can wear them a TON of different ways!!

Baseball Hats

I wear baseball hats year-round so maybe this doesn’t count as a fall closet staple since it’s just a regular closet staple for me. Either way, baseball hats are the way to go. They can add the perfect touch of color to any basic jeans ensemble and you won’t have to do your hair! It is a win-win no matter what.


One of my favorite fall hats is my Vineyard Vines dark green hat. 

Cable Knit Sweaters

cable knit

Throw on a basic cable knit sweater under a J. Crew vest and you have the perfect casual outfit. Throw on a cable knit sweater over your button down shirt and you have the perfect polished outfit. They look cute over dresses, with skirts, jeans, and dress pants! Wear them with a baseball hat or a statement necklace! You cannot go wrong with a cable knit sweater, you just can’t.


A Brown Leather Bag


These honestly work all year round, but they just match everything so much better in the fall. Use it as a carry-on, a carry-all, or just a regular purse! No matter how you use your brown leather bag, it always adds the perfect finishing touch to your fall outfit!

I am really crushing on the monogrammed bags from Mark and Graham


Patagonia Pullover


I have 3 different Patagonia pullovers and 3 different Patagonia vests and lets just say Patagonia has an extra special place in my heart. Their stuff is warm, cute, and durable. I 100% believe it is worth the money and I 110% believe it makes for the cutest pumpkin patch outfit. Pair its fuzzy warmth with some L.L. Bean boots, a pair of jeans, and a cute baseball hat for a wonderfully preppy casual outfit.


Flannel Shirt

flannel shirts.jpg

Comfy and cute, flannel shirts can be worn with anything. Seriously, anything. I wear mine under J. Crew vests and Patagonia vests, with statement necklaces, under sweaters, around my waist, with skirts and jeans and leggings and anything else you can think of.

These are also an awesome item to stock up on at the end of the fall/winter season!

J.Crew Factory has some MAJORLY on sale right now!



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