Bad Travel Days

It’s been a rough morning and it seems like for me, travel days always are. I’m at the airport now, waiting for my flight to Boston, but I wanted to just recap my morning for everyone.

My cat Luna is a brat, you need to know that right now. She is just such a little brat and she was extra bratty this morning. She started meowing around 6 am, which is normally when I get up. But since my flight wasn’t until 11, I decided to sleep in a little. This clearly wasn’t super cool with her so she started meowing and messing with a glass of water on the nightstand. I figured she was trying to knock it onto the floor so I sleepily moved it away from the edge. I was completely wrong about her intentions though because what she was trying to do was kick the water straight onto me. And she succeeded. Like, she really succeeded. As soon as the full glass of water made contact with my face I was wide awake… And soaking wet. My pillow and blanket were wet too, meaning I had to give Luna exactly what she wanted and get out of bed. That rude awakening really set the tone for the rest of the morning and I was struggling as I was trying to get ready and finish packing my bags. Finally, I was ready to go and I called an uber to take me to the airport. When my uber arrived, I was so caught up in getting my bags in the car and making sure I had everything that I CLIMBED IN THE FRONT SEAT OF THE UBER. And the driver was not pleased. He was downright creeped out by me. It was so awkward I almost told him to pull over so I could jump in the back and make things right, but I was too embarrassed to admit my mistake. So we listened to Katmandu on his iPod on repeat the whole way to the airport and neither of us said a word. I’m hoping that is the extent of my bad travel day and I don’t carry it with me onto the plane and into Boston! Be on the lookout for my Boston posts! And I hope you are having a far better Tuesday than me. Always Classy & Confused,MGM

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