I really enjoy decorating. I might not be the best at it, but I really enjoy it. I can live somewhere for months and months before I really feel like I have the decor down just right. 

That’s how I felt today when I did a mini tv stand refresh in my bedroom. While it is a very small part of the room, I feel like making a little change made a huge difference and I am really in love with the outcome! 

This shelf is from Walmart and was pretty cheap and pretty easy to put together (thank god). 

The baskets in the shelf are also from Walmart and were under $20! I really love the nautical feel of them without being way too over the top! 

Both of the vases are from Hobby Lobby and if you are looking for some new vases, ceramic is 50% off right now! I just stuck a sprig of idk what in the top of my tallest vase to give it some extra height and to add in some greenery. 

The little gold thing is a Scentsy wax warmer! Right now I have Blue Grotto melting in it because it smells just like Capri Blue’s Volcano candles (hint hint if anyone needed a gift idea for me!). 

I grabbed this mirror at Target yesterday and it was a seriously good deal! It was 30% off of it’s already discounted price so it was a steal. I really think it pulls the whole area together and looks great on my nasty yellowish walls! 

Have you done any mini room makeovers recently? 

Always Classy & Confused,


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