If you tried to look at my blog at all today or yesterday, you probably were shocked to find that it didn’t exist.

A lot of people say that I am classy  but that they don’t know where the confused part comes in at… Well here it is in all of its glory!

I forgot to renew my web hosting subscription and my domain name. Meaning, for two days I had no blog and risked someone buying my domain name (Classy & Confused) right out from under me. Thankfully, no one else thinks it is as clever as I do and no one took it! *whew*

Most of the time, I have my stuff together. I am an obsessive worrier and I am deeply shook that I totally let something as important to me as my blog just slip my mind. But, I am good for a whole year now so hopefully this doesn’t happen again! ( It will probably happen again next year.)

Always (unless I forgot to pay my bills again) Classy & Confused,


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