A few years ago I was sitting on my bed, instagram stalking all of my favorite preppy accounts and I thought to myself, I should start a blog. At the time, I had no clue what that entailed, but that didn’t hold me back. I signed up for a free wordpress account, picked a basic theme and made my first post. I posted about it on facebook and twitter and no one cared besides my mom so I thought maybe blogging wasn’t for me.

 I wrote blog posts off and on for the next year or so and as expected, my blog went nowhere. For some strange reason I decided I wanted to be a famous blogger, so I got more serious about my blog. I bought a domain name, fixed up my theme, and paid for WordPress. I blogged a little bit on my new and improved site and still, no one but my mom cared.

 So, I added in my social media. I blogged about my outfits and posted them on pinterest and instagram and made a facebook business page for my blog. A few people cared then, but not consistently. In retrospect, I wasn’t posting consistently so why would anyone ever follow my blog? Also, my pictures sucked. My aesthetic sucked. I was confused (lol) and you could see that from my blog. To clarify, yes, my blog title is Classy & Confused. The confused has nothing to do with my aesthetic though and it never should!

 I tried running my blog as a business… not well though because I only made like $.12, and I fell out of love with blogging. I realized it was a ton of work and I was getting literally nowhere. For about a year I teetered between running my blog as a business and doing it out of love, never finding a happy medium and never finding actual blog growth. And I got really tired of it. I started to hate my blog and wondered why I had even started all of this in the first place.

I literally could not understand how all of these big name bloggers became so social media and blog famous. What did they all have that I didn’t have? I started obsessively researching and reaching out to my favorite bloggers and I came to the realization that they were all exactly like me. They all started from the same place I did. And it took them years to get to where they are now.

I went through the archives of their blogs and you know what? Some of their earlier posts sucked. They just straight up weren’t good. The picture quality was bad, their outfits weren’t amazing, their homes weren’t perfect, and their content was sub par. They were all beginners at one point. Becoming a famous blogger doesn’t happen overnight! It takes time (sometimes years) to build your following and hone in on your skill. And that makes it hard.

Blogging is not an instant gratification method. You can’t write one blog post and then make enough money to quit your job. It takes time and while it can be tons of fun, it also can be a lot of work too. Blogging takes consistency and being able to look critically at your content and figure out how to make it better, which is something I am just starting to learn. You are going to be tired and you are going to probably want to give up on it at some point, but if you keep going and stay true to your personal brand, you will see success. It isn’t ever going to be easy, but it will always be worth it.

Always classy & confused,



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