Sometimes, when I get too caught up in the social media hype, I take a look at The College Prepster’s blog. Carly (The College Prepster) has built an actual empire out of her blog.

Not her amazing social media pictures, but her blog. Her content is that good.

Clearly, this is the ultimate goal, to be able to create a name for yourself in the blogging sphere without needing to use social media to grow. Carly started her blog in college before social media was the norm, and even though I am sure it hasn’t hurt her at all, it isn’t what made her who she is today. Carly’s blog is amazing because she actually writes relevant stuff that people care to read.

Her blog is crisp, clean, and informative and calms me down instantly whenever I feel like my blogger aspirations are a bit too much.

It is so easy to get caught up in social media and the quest for more followers and likes. It is even easier to define your success off of those things. But, when I started this blog, it wasn’t to build a social media empire… It was literally just to have an outlet for my thoughts. Which is hard to remember when you are bombarded with perfect Instagram pics of adorable bloggers.

Lately, I have been working to better my blog and I have put more time and energy into it than I ever have before. To give you an idea of exactly how much time, I would say I am spending 4-5ish hours a day interacting on social media, writing blog posts, and planning outfits. It’s been a lot of work, but it feels good to be doing something I love every single day.

Recently, Carly made a post about consistency (she blogs every single day) and it has inspired me to blog every day too! I want to get back to the writing commitment I made to myself when I started blogging two years ago. So, I am going to make it a priority to blog every day for a month. I know it isn’t a huge commitment, but I am hoping that it will flow into a daily practice of writing that will snowball into the growth of the thing I love (my blog).

I hope this post inspires someone reading it to find consistency in something they love too. Whether it be blogging or something completely different!


So, I guess I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!


Always Classy & Confused,



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