Today, WordPress let me know that it was my two year anniversary with their service. Meaning, I have been blogging for two years. Which is crazy. (I haven’t been using Classy & Confused for two years.) If I had known this blogging milestone was coming up, I would’ve planned out a far better post about it, but since I didn’t… This will have to do.

On my two year anniversary….

To reflect back on the past two years is to reflect back on the most change that has ever taken place in my life. Most of that change, I discussed in this blog, while some I kept private. I have used this blog (and my older blog) off and on as an outlet for my thoughts, but I have never really worked at blogging until recently.

And let me tell you something, working at a blog and really trying to cultivate it, is a whole lot different than just blogging. 

In this past month and a half I have been trying to be consistent about taking the time to actually create blog posts. I wish I had been doing it for the past two years to be honest. I am proud of what I have done in my life since 2015, but I am not super proud of how little I documented it.

There is definitely a fine line between documentation and over-sharing and I never want to cross over that line. But blogging is something I genuinely love and want to continue doing for a very long time. So, here’s to hoping that in the next two years, when I look back on Classy & Confused, I am proud of what I have accomplished and the work I put into the thing I love!

This anniversary has reminded me that the time will pass anyway, so make it really count!

Always Classy & Confused,



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