If you hate fall, don’t look at my blog again until Christmas because fall is MY FAVORITE SEASON EVER. Ever. Pumpkin patches, fall fashion, PSL, and the smell of crisp leaves are the things that give me life! 

So naturally, I loaded up my car and forced my boyfriend to go to a pumpkin patch with me! Lucky for us, my office was having a family day at the farm and we got to see some of my favorite coworkers! 

We started our ah-mazing pumpkin patch afternoon by hitting up the petting zoo, because nothing says fall like some goats! 

Then we moved on to the corn maze! Sadly, we didn’t get a picture of the corn maze because they can honestly be so stressful and it just wasn’t the time or place to pose for a selfie… We really needed to use our energy to find our way back out of the stalks. 

After the maze we looked at some pumpkins! 

Then we finished off the whole experience with a cute couples pic! 

All in all, the whole adventure took us about an hour and a half. But I can wholeheartedly say it was the most fall themed hour and a half of my whole week! 

I can’t wait to do more fall stuff next weekend! 

Always classy & confused,


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