What do you get when you combine Lilly Pulitzer and avocados? 


Sheer happiness, that’s what! Lilly Pulitzer just released their newest limited edition print and it’s creamy green and pink avocado print. 

It is everything I needed and never thought to ask for. 

AND they brought back menswear. Sorry in advance to my boyfriend but I hope you enjoy the Lilly avocado print tie you are now getting for Christmas! 

The only downside to the new Limited Edition Lilly print is that it’s fall. And Missouri is only getting colder. 

What color of tights do you think will go best with avocados? Let me know. 

Always classy & confused,


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  1. Sarah Wright October 12, 2017 at 3:08 am

    Super cute! I’d wear that dress over tights any day – black, brown, navy, or purple 🙂


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