Sometimes blogging can be hard. Let’s be honest here, planning posts and keeping a running tab of ideas takes time. If you are anything like me, you love writing down everything. Which is great, besides the fact that its ruining my day planner aesthetic. Maybe no one else takes their planners as seriously as I do, but I want my planner to look nice. I didn’t spend money on a Kate Spade planner for it to look like a jumbled mess! So, I sought out another alternative!

I bought a blogging planner and I am never going back. And in the process of buying a blogging planner, I tried out tons of planners and have weeded through the junk to find the cream of the planner crop! Without further ado (we all know you are here for the list and not the wordy intro), here are the best blogging planners!!

The Bullet Journal-$15

Affectionately called, BuJo the Bullet Journal is just that… an unlined, dot journal. Confusing at first, yes. But once you get the hang of the system, it makes list making a breeze. If you are wanting to completely design your own planner layout or if you just really really can get down with some list making, this journal is for you. It is just filled with grid paper so you decide how you want everything to look inside it. The only downfall to this journal is that it takes a while to set up.

The Erin Condren Life Planner-$55+

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Okay, if you wanna spend the big bucks and have a kick butt planner, here you go. This planner is not for the faint of heart. It’s thick, it’s expensive, and it’s personalized. It is a commitment to organization, which is never a bad thing to make. For me, this planner takes the cake. I have seen my friend Jess use one for a while now (she has 3…one for her wedding, one for her classroom, and one for her life) and I think I’m hooked. But like I said, Erin ain’t cheap. If you just started your blog or have no intention of running it like a business, I don’t think you need this serious of a blog planner. You could honestly be just fine with a normal planner from Target or Lilly Pulitzer if you’re feeling really fun.

The Lilly Pulitzer Planner

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Lilly is the O.G. for me. I have always been obsessed with her planners and used one all throughout college. A Lilly planner helped me organize an entire sorority recruitment and manage a boutique, so I know she can handle anything you throw at her. The planners come in different sizes so you can have a itty bitty one to stash in your purse or a honking huge thing to hold your whole life. The layout is simple and the designs remind you of summer. Lilly Pulitzer is a great, affordable planner that I would literally recommend to anyone.

The Badass Blog Planner-$14

I just happened upon this planner during my search for the perfect way to layout my blog. This planner is blog specific and includes worksheets that will help you actually brainstorm posts, plan themes, and organize layouts. This planner helps you review where your blog has been and plan out where it is going. I wouldn’t recommend this planner as a todo list type planner where you are really able to plan out what you need to do for your blog on a certain day. This planner is more of a roadmap for your blog. Which is so useful. I use the Badass Blog Planner more as a supplement to my actual blog planner. Which might seem really in-depth, but I’m serious about building my blog. If you are also serious about running your blog like a business and building it to be the best it can be, this planner if definitely a must have.

Hopefully, one of these planners leads you to planning out your dream blog and helps you organize your important thoughts into posts. Leave me a comment if you use one of these planners or have any others that I should have included in my list. Happy blogging everyone! And be on the lookout for some more blog specific posts!

Always classy & confused,


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