I’m a sucker for a good Sunday afternoon. Sunday is hands down my favorite day of the week. It’s the perfect day for brunch, sleeping in, cleaning, getting work done, and relaxing. This particular Sunday I decided I was fed up with my living room and the way it looked. 

So I took my wallet to lowes and got busy.

I bought plants. Lots of plants. Like I went crazy and turned into some indoor garden expert and just grabbed anything I liked. I already have a snake plant and some aloe that I haven’t killed yet so I figured it was time to step up my game. 

After stretching my green thumb I took my happy butt over to Walmart (it’s all warrensburg has) and bought a nice floral rug and some throw pillows. 

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the way my Sunday afternoon project turned out. And I can’t wait till I can start on another part of my apartment next Sunday!! 

Always classy & confused,


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