I bought Tieks.

Looking at this post you might be saying to yourself, “here is another rich girl whose parents buy her everything” but you would be so wrong. I make all these terrible financial decisions on my own, and I do them so you don’t have to. Live vicariously through me. Laugh at my mistakes, maybe even learn from them. I spend stupid amounts of money on stupid stuff and end up having to eat ramen every now and then. But ya know, whatever.

I honestly thought Tieks would be one of those really terrible financial decisions. I sometimes buy things because they sound cool. And that is why I bought Ballerina Pink Tieks.

So first off, they shipped super quick. Like I had them at my apartment in 2 days. Second, the blue box was so cute and so was the flower on top. If I was going to review these shoes just on those two things, then they for sure get a 10/10.

When I opened the box they were curled up together all cute and snug. They came with a little carrying bag which will be perfect for traveling. I see myself throwing these shoes in every single over-night bag I ever pack from now on.

Like I said earlier, I got Ballerina Pink and I am pretty obsessed with this color. My boyfriend and one of my best friends both said “maybe don’t get pink, maybe stick with a neutral,” which I agree, if you are going to spend $175 on a pair of shoes, get a color that goes with everything. I decided that pink is a neutral for me, though, and I am very happy with that decision. This pink is more of a soft blush color that I really think will go with almost anything. As I am typing this I am wearing my pink Tieks with a pair of black leggings and a forest green t-shirt. I am very much in love with the color.

The customer service for this company is amazing as well. They have sent me facebook messages to keep me updated on my shipping and to let me know when they were delivered. Honestly, I am a sucker for good customer service, and this is so good that I would order another pair just based on the way they have treated me.

Now for the part you actually care about, comfort. I am going to break this down into each part of the shoe starting with the sole. Everyone knows about Tieks signature blue soles. Quite honestly, the blue color is a little annoying to me. Like I know it is a signature thing, but I’m not super into the bright blue bottoms. But they make the shoe really comfortable. It feels like wearing a tennis shoe almost. I don’t know many shoe terms, but it feels like a shock absorbent type of padding. It makes these ballet flats feel more substantial than other flats or sandals I own. I personally work in a clothing store and so I do a lot of walking and standing and my feet still feel pretty good after a long day. I’m not almost in tears just wishing I could sit down or anything like that. 

The heels are padded, but one of them feels a little bit tight to me. I kinda think my feet are two different sizes so the whole heel tightness might just be a personal problem. The backs of the shoes DO NOT RUB my heels. They don’t. My heels aren’t bleeding. They aren’t even red. Which almost feels like a miracle.

The side of the shoes did leave a small red line on the tops of my feet, but there wasn’t any pain, so I would say that the tops are just fine.

I haven’t had my Tieks for very long, so I can’t tell you how they wear and how they will look after a few months. I do plan on keeping this post updated, so check back in or leave me a comment with how your Tieks are working out for you.

All in all though, so far I really like these shoes. I can’t say for sure if I like them enough to justify the price, because these were a serious impulse buy. But I like them enough to not send them back.

If you are deliberating on whether or not to buy yourself a pair, I would say just to go for it. The company has a really great return policy if you decide the shoes just aren’t for you.

You can purchase your own pair of Ballerina Pink Tieks here, http://tieks.com/ballerina-pink.html

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